Integrated information system

Maximum control of cooking equipment

An integrated information system for cooking systems, which allows you to record and organize data, recipes, temperatures and cooking programmes, even remotely, at any time. The machines can be monitored remotely for the job to be done, for assistance, for traceability and for resource management.

State-of-the-art machines for the food industry and large-scale catering

Firex has thought about those food companies where the product must be monitored constantly and where interaction with the equipment is continuous. In addition, it also considered large-scale catering services, engaged in many activities and in research, for which the coordination of operations and programs is important.

To use the 24.7 Station information system, you don't need installation disks, training courses or manuals; this tool is a real computer that works in complete autonomy, with the possibility of downloading data at any time via a USB flash drive or a network connection.

Are you interested in the potentials of monitoring and the ability to check on the cooking from remote distances? Would you like to learn more about our integrated information system? Contact us.