Process line

Machinery for the food industry

The study of the needs of the food industry has led us to create machines and accessories that complement each other and realize a real process line based on the high technology of each appliance and flexibility of use. Firex has addressed the processing of raw materials, fruit for example, to produce food ready for sale: a process that involves the small food industries, but also farmers participating in the direct sale market

Firex is able to follow you step by step to identify, among the various lines, the machines best suited to meet the needs of the food industry. In the specific case of the production of jams and marmalades, for example, the company is able to offer equipment for all stages of processing: from equipment for the washing and drying of the fruit to the multi-purpose machine for cutting and cooking, until the pasteurising machine for final packaging.

Example of process lines for the production of fruit jams and marmalades

 1 Washing fruit with the vegetable washer.

The tank compartments let you wash different products simultaneously, while the swirl of water can be adjusted to suit your needs. Each phase is automatic and programmable. The basket, practical and lightweight, allows easy extraction of the clean product.

 2 Preparation with the spin-dryer

Before cooking, excess water is eliminated with the spin-dryer specific for fruit and vegetables, which makes your work easier and saves time. The speed can be adjusted according to the type of product, while the basket is easy to remove. The steel frame and rubber base for stability and vibration absorption, make the Firex spin-dryer a professional appliance.

 3 Insertion of the whole, washed fruit into the High-P cooking machine

The newest arrival in the Firex household which, thanks to its patented multi-purpose mixer, can cut the whole fruit, mix it and mix in all the ingredients. With High-P the only ingredients for jam are the fruit and sugar, the machine itself does the rest: the sous vide cooking halves the cooking time, maintaining the colour, aroma and flavour of fresh fruit. In 15 minutes it makes up to 20 kg of jam.

 4 With the Fixpan pasteurising machine the product is finished and packaged

After packaging, the next step is to pasteurise the jars of jam in water with Fixpan. In four steps your product is ready for sale!

Would you like more details or do you need process lines for other types of food production? Contact us; we will help you make your projects concrete and effective.